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    About Us
    Xiamen Jiedeng Machinery Co., LTD
    Xiamen Jiedeng Machinery Co., LTD
    Xiamen Jiedeng machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful island city - Xiamen, a brand capital. The company's main auto parts, loader brake system parts, bus electric drainage valve, air brake valve, air pressure source manager, bus intelligent drainage system, and other related products.
    The company adheres to the development principle of high starting point and high quality, and has a group of senior engineering and technical personnel and excellent management personnel. According to the demand of domestic and foreign market development, the company will continue to improve, keep improving and pursue excellence in technology and management, and is determined to build a first-class enterprise from ....
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    product category
    Jiedeng machinery focuses on providing customers with quality products and solutions and selling accessories, electric drainage valves, air brake valves and so on
    brand culture
    The company provides "diversified", one-stop "service to the maximum extent to provide convenient services for customers.
    Sophisticated equipment, first-class technology, leading the profession with science and technology, with professional achievements in science and technology, in the selection of perfect, in meticulous improvement.
    Honesty - based, the pursuit of excellence - Jiedeng Machinery
    With a complete and scientific quality management system, with integrity, strength and product quality recognized by the industry.
    Honesty - based, the pursuit of excellence - Jiedeng Machinery
    Adhere to the quality of survival, customer first enterprise purpose, and customers on the basis of mutual benefit in the pursuit of common development, common progress.
    What are the components of the braking system?
    Hydraulic oil lead is the use of liquid pressure hydraulic system use of hydraulic medium, in the hydraulic system plays an energy transfer, system lubrication, corrosion, rust prevention, cooling and so on
    2022-04-13 Details
    To the quality of survival, reputation and development

    Excellent management and professional operation mode, auto parts manufacturing, electric drainage valve quality supplier.

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