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    Technology strong enterprise! CRRC electric technology achievements won three awards of CRRC 2022-04-13

    The first prize

    Sixth generation pure electric drive system technology platform development

    In view of the increasingly high power density, high reliability and intelligence requirements of the electric drive system of the new energy bus, the project studied the reliability and integration technology of the integrated controller with multi-converter function, and formed the optimization design method of the integrated controller based on the coupling analysis of mechanical, electrical, thermal and magnetic fields. The emc forward design method of integrated controller satisfying the requirements of national standard is presented. An accurate thermal management model based on heat flow balance is constructed to form a thermal design and optimization method in a highly integrated environment. Research integrated controller function safety technology, improve the safety level of integrated controller; Developed the peak power density, high efficiency, long working life, electromagnetic compatibility to meet the requirements of the national standard of new energy bus control assembly products, control assembly indicators leading domestic.

    The third prize

    Research and application of quality assurance Technology and Support Platform for Commercial Vehicle Control Software

    The project is based on the software development practice of electronic control products of new energy buses, based on quality function deployment (QFD), quality gate, hypothesis testing, automatic software testing and continuous integration technology, and makes technical breakthroughs in software quality control process system, automatic testing and software quality measurement. The developed technology platform establishes a quality measurement model based on standard compliance, function compliance, performance compliance, reliability and maintainability, and realizes the digital and automatic objective quality measurement of the whole life cycle of automotive control software.

    The third prize

    Research and application of NVH quality improvement technology based on the whole process of electromechanical integration product design and development

    Project based on probability and statistics analysis the condition of big data analysis and processing, the key influence factor analysis, regression analysis based on the design of the DOE model and DOE design verification, in the domestic initiative to implement new energy mechanical and electrical integration of commercial vehicle products offline harshness (NVH) testing evaluation, implementation of a complete set of harshness (NVH) of power system performance is improved, realistic levels far in excess of the industry. And in order to improve the driving experience of new energy bus drivers and passengers as the goal, from the design input, simulation and test verification, product production organization, explore a control technology based on NVH performance quality improvement, fill the gap of domestic commercial vehicle power system on sound quality testing technology.

    In the future, CRRC electric will continue to promote new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, pay equal attention to technological research and development and quality management, and provide scientific and technological support for the high-quality development of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

    To the quality of survival, reputation and development

    Excellent management and professional operation mode, auto parts manufacturing, electric drainage valve quality supplier.

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